FRP Handrails

The Leading FRP and GRP Handrails Available

Whether you require our customised products for infrastructure or construction purposes, we can offer a solution that has been carefully considered from the design phase, right though to production. With our own in-house CAD design and manufacturing facilities and cutting edge equipment, we can take your concept and bring it to life. We specialise in crafting high-grade GRP and FRP handrails to use in harsh environments where chances of corrosion are high.   

Glass-reinforced plastic and fibreglass-reinforced plastic, both offer many core benefits over other construction materials such as timber and steel. Chief among these is their lightweight characteristics, yet considerable durability. Whilst GRP and FRP handrails might be roughly half the weight of steel, it still boasts the same load bearing capabilities. This means that our FRP railings will meet all of required safety standards, whilst affording a number of added advantages.

Our FRP handrails are built to last

Non-conductive and non-corrosive, our FRP handrails are designed to conform to AS1657-2013 while still providing superior durability under harsh conditions. Their versatility means they require little to no maintenance and simply need high-pressure water to be cleaned. Fibreglass handrails are easy to fabricate and straightforward to install, meaning you cut down on installation time and costs and limit your downtime to as little as possible.

A tailored solution to align with your needs

As we design, manufacture, test and produce all of our GRP handrails and other fibreglass products in-house, we can offer the flexibility to customise your project to your specifications. Regardless of the size, quantity, style, material or colour, we can work closely with you to provide a final result that offers the best value. Whether your individual purpose or budget require FRP railings or a GRP alternative, our specialists can evaluate your needs and provide a suggestion as to the most appropriate option. We can even design fibreglass walkways to complement your handrails and devise a package that best suits your requirements.

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