Versatile FRP Ladders Designed by the Industry Experts

Composite Engineering has worked hard to establish ourselves as an industry leader with uncompromising quality and exceptional customer service. We strive to offer a holistic approach, which encompasses every element of the design and manufacturing process to deliver premium fibreglass ladders and much more. With the cutting edge facilities, equipment to bring your concept to life, we have the means to design, manufacture, test and mass produce your product if required.

Specialising in fibreglass platforms, step and cable ladders, our systems are currently used by industrial and commercial companies throughout Australia. The perfect system for harsh or corrosive environments, our FRP ladders boast a myriad of advantages over traditional steel equivalents.   All our designs conform to AS1657-2013.

Fibreglass step or platform ladders are designed to last

FRP offers an economical and overall more efficient material to utilise in infrastructure and construction. Its low-maintenance, versatile and corrosive-resistant nature makes it perfect for minimising costs and reducing down-time. Not only do fibreglass platform ladders offer the same load bearing capacity as steel, but they are almost half the weight, providing an incredible weight-strength ratio. Not only that, but FRP ladders will not rust, warp, or become permanently defective under a load. It is this versatility and longevity that has made FRP a must for industries looking to optimise their processes and lessen their overhead costs.

Our ladders are also non-corrosive and non-conductive, which makes them ideal for many more applications incompatible with steel counterparts. They require little maintenance and can simply be cleaned with high-pressure water, meaning you don’t have to spend additional money on keeping them up to standard.

Suitable for industries both big and small

Regardless of your individual requirements, we can produce fibreglass step ladders or other products suitable for your specific needs. As we undergo the entire process of design, testing and production at our fully equipped facilities, we can fabricate custom designed ladders to suit your size or requisites. Whether you were after a single FRP ladder system, or a complete fibreglass solution including walkways and handrails, we can accommodate your needs.  

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