Premier Fibreglass Grating Walkways Available Throughout Australia

Regardless of the industry you require our premium solutions for, we can tailor a design specific to your needs. We design and manufacture FRP roof access walkways throughout Australia for commercial and industrial applications where a substitute to traditional timber and steel is required. Having offered our systems for sectors such as wastewater, food and beverage, chemical processing, utility market, marine and many others, we understand the needs of our clients.

Fibreglass grating walkways offer numerous advantages to timber and steel alternatives used for various infrastructure. Perhaps the primary draw card is the weight to strength ratio. Fibreglass is very lightweight, roughly half that of steel, but it is remarkably strong and long-lasting. This is why many industries are opting for FRP roof walkways for their facilities in Australia.

What makes FRP a superior alternative?

When it comes to designing and producing premium-quality walkways, safety is of paramount performance. With this in mind, we have incorporated a quartz grit surface in all of our moulded and pultruded gratings to ensure an anti-slip surface for optimal safety. The corrosive resistant qualities of our systems also means they are low maintenance. They do not require sandblasting, scraping or painting, and can easily be cleaned using high pressure water. The costs saved on eliminating such maintenance are mirrored in the reduced installation costs as a result of FRP’s ease of fabrication and lightweight properties. No excessive man-hours or heavy lifting equipment is required through the process, thus cutting down on potential costs.   

Allow us to offer a custom design that aligns with your needs

Here at Composite Engineering, we have a specialist and experienced FRP workforce that operate in a state-of-the art workshop facility to fabricate all of your customised design height safety requirements.  This includes FRP roof access walkways,FRP ladders, and handrails, that will be built and conform to the required AS 1657-2013.    

We’re just a phone call away

If you were interested in learning more about the production process for our FRP grating walkways, or any of our other fibreglass solutions, get in contact with us by calling 1300 968 492.