Australia’s Home of Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Products

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Australia’s Home of Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Products

Fibreglass reinforced polymer Products

Since 2003 our high-strength FRP products have been designed and manufactured to provide lasting performance in highly corrosive environments, while offering lightweight and high dielectric strength benefits compared to traditional construction materials like steel and aluminium.

FRP products offer a versatile equivalent to traditional materials and are not prone to corrosion, magnetism, conduction of electrical currents and are invisible to RF.

The beauty of composite products is they can be easily fabricated using standard tools. The lightweight properties also make them easy to install onsite, reducing installation time and costs.

Composite Engineering can cater to a variety of different needs and boasts the state-of-the art facilities and expertise to create a customised solution.

FRP Products - An innovative alternative

We offer solutions for:

FRP Grating – MaxiGRATE offers unmatched corrosion resistance with strength, long life, and safety.

FRP Profiles – MaxiSTRUCT is engineered to meet the most demanding chemical, flame retardant, electrical, strength and environmental standards.

FRP Ladders – Built using our MaxiLADDER system for maximum design life with low maintenance.

FRP Handrails – MaxiRAIL system is corrosion resistant, long life, and low-maintenance design.

FRP Walkways – Utilising the Maxi Range, our walkway structures will outlast any steel, stainless steel or aluminium walkway.

FRP Cable Ladders – MaxiSTRUCT, the perfect solution for cable management in harsh environments.


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Composite Platform Ladder Each MaxiLADDER platform ladder is meticulously designed and  constructed using MaxiSTRUCT FRP profiles with MaxiGRATE stair treads and platform. Each ladder is designed to conform to AS1657-2018...

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