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5 Benefits of Fibreglass Ladders

Ladders have traditionally been made from timber and more recently aluminium has become the norm. However, fibreglass ladders offer many benefits over aluminium ladders and deserve to be a serious consideration to many industries.

Corrosion resistant – Fibreglass reinforced polymer (FRP) is highly resistant to corrosion from a large variety of chemicals which can corrode aluminium. For example, strong alkaline solutions, inorganic acids, and heavy metal salts can be very corrosive to aluminium. FRP has excellent corrosion to resistance to acidic and alkaline environments.

FRP is also unaffected by exposure to water, even in marine environments. This makes fibreglass ladders suitable for many industrial applications.

High Strength – FRP offers a high strength the weight ratio. The damage tolerance, fracture and fatigue resistance and general durability make fibreglass a good choice for a wide number of environments and applications. Whereas aluminium can be damaged by even moderate impacts.

Electrical resistance – Aluminium is an excellent conductor of electricity, unlike FRP which has a high resistance to electricity and acts as an insulator. Due to these properties FRP is frequently used in electricity substations and or electrical industries.

Cost – While aluminium has a lower cost than FRP, due to its limited service life it will need to be replaced long before the FRP equivalent. Which over the lifecycle ultimately costs you more money.

Heat/Fire resistance – Fibreglass ladders are resistant to heat/fire and do not conduct heat. Aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat and will also fatigue.

Combining these 5 benefits make fibreglass ladders the ideal choice for many industrial applications.

All MaxiLADDER ladders are designed to conform with the Australian Standard AS1657-2018. Ensuring that they not only have a long lifecycle but are safe.

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  • Safe non-conductive
  • UV stable
  • Fire resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Chemical resistant

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