Aged Care Facility Walkway & Handrail

Aged Care Facility Walkway

The recently installed Aged Care Facility Walkway & Handrail utilises many of the different Maxi range of products from Composite Engineering.

The main walking surface uses 38mm MaxiGRATE micro mesh with a fine grit finish. This provides a safe non slip, yet comfortable surface to walk on. 

The micro mesh grating is supported with a MaxiSTRUCT substructure. Being FRP this structure will not rot or corrode. Resulting in a strong and maintenance free structure, that will last for many years.

A MaxiRAIL FRP handrail system is also fitted to the walkway for additional support. The handrail system was supplied pre-cut and partially assembled for fast installation on site.

All of the Maxi range features:

UV stable – The mechanical properties do not degrade, even in the harsh Australian sun.

Fire resistant – Conforms to ASTM E-84 standard, while also meeting the ASTM D-635 extinguishing requirements.

Lightweight – Easy to transport and fast to install.

Easy to fabricate – Can be cut and drilled using standard tools.

Impact resistant – Does not permanently deform after impact.

Aged care FRP walkway
Aged care facility walkway & handrail
Aged care facility walkway & handrail
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MaxiRAIL and MaxiLADDER logo

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