Are your handrails the safest choice?

Like most people you maybe do not give the handrails in your workplace much thought. After all they are performing a basic function, but the function is keeping your employees safe.

FRP Handrails are the safer choice for your workplace. While they perform in the same way as metal handrails, they deliver a range of significant benefits. Read on to find out how FRP handrails could benefit you.

Resistant to Corrosion
The structural integrity of metal handrails can be compromised by rust or corrosion which makes them dangerous. The corrosion can be hard to detect until it is too late, and the handrail fails, which could be extremely hazardous to all involved. 

Composite Engineering’s MaxiRAIL FRP Handrail systems are resistant to corrosion and will not weaken over time. They are suitable to be installed in the harshest of environments and are chemical resistant. This gives the product a long service life compared with traditional materials.

FRP crossover
FRP Handrails - Industrial handrail systems

Easy to Install
FRP systems are lightweight and easy to fabricate. They do not require specialist equipment to install and no hot works are required. The lightweight nature makes them easy to transport. This means the install is quicker and easier than steel, requiring less manpower. Which saves you money on the installation costs.

Electrical and Thermal Insulators
FRP handrails are nonconductive to both heat and electricity, which makes them suitable for even the most hazardous environments.

Fire Resistant
Composite Engineering MaxiRAIL FRP products carry a flame-spread index rating of 25 or less when tested in accordance with the ASTM E-84 standard, while also meeting the ASTM D-635 extinguishing requirements.

Lower Lifecycle Costs
As mentioned previously the lightweight nature of FRP handrails makes them easy to install which reduces the amount of downtime reducing the costs during installation.
The products are extremely durable, and they require virtually no maintenance which further decreases the lifecycle cost.

If you are installing or replacing your current handrail system, FRP handrails should be a consideration. The durable nature makes them ideal for many industrial applications and will outperform traditional materials for many years.

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