Cable ladders

Composite Engineering cable ladders are the perfect solution for cable management in harsh environments. Composite cable ladders are now considered essential equipment in applications where limited maintenance opportunities and costly downtimes must be minimized.

Our cable ladders give you the load capacity of steel systems, plus the inherent characteristics afforded by our own Pultrusion Technology: non-corrosive, non-conductive and non-magnetic. Although lightweight, their strength-to-weight ratio surpasses that of equivalent products. These products will not rust, rot, warp, or become permanently deflected under load. They are manufactured to meet ASTM   E-84 Class 1 Flame Rating, plus meets the self-extinguishing requirements of ASTM D-635.

Composite Engineering cable ladders can be installed with or without lids, in both vertical and horizontal applications. We supply a large number of fittings to suit almost any project, including tees, elbows, 4-way cross junctions, left and right-hand reducers, lobster-back bends, etc.

All of our systems are assembled using either nylon or 316 Stainless Steel fixings and can be manufactured from either standard grade polyester or chemically resistant vinyl ester resin systems.

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