Case Study - Temporary FRP Rail Foot Bridge

FRP Rail Foot Bridge

As part of a $59 million station accessibility upgrade at Bundamba train station, a temporary FRP rail foot bridge was commissioned.

The major upgrade will deliver an accessibility improved train station for customers by late 2024, making catching a train easier for everybody, but especially those using wheelchairs, pushing prams or carrying heavy luggage.

The temporary footbridge keeps the community connected as the upgrades required the subway to close.

Bundamba’s temporary bridge is made using innovative Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) technology. The main structure of the bridge utilises our MaxiSTRUCT pultruded beams. The walking surface of the bridge uses the MaxiGRATE FRP grating, with a gritted non-slip finish. 

What makes this bridge special is the 25.5m clear span, making this the longest bridge of its kind certainly in Australia, maybe even the southern hemisphere.

Truss Bridge Design - FRP rail foot bridge
Truss Bridge Design - FRP rail foot bridge
Truss Bridge Design - FRP rail foot bridge

The bridge was designed inhouse by our expert design team, who are used to pushing the envelope with FRP structures. As with many of our projects it is designed to be modular for ease of installation. 

The components for each section of the bridge were shipped in kit form, minimising wasted space and providing cost effective shipping. The bridge sections were then assembled close to the station and then moved to their final location.

Truss Bridge Design
FRP bridge section
Truss Bridge Design - foot bridge

The lightweight nature of FRP, means that the modules are easily moved and craned into position. Allowing the whole bridge assembly to be completed in a short amount of time and with the minimal amount of disruption. 

While FRP bridges are suitable for permanent installation such as the bridge at Banyo Station. You can find a link at the bottom of this post for more information on the Banyo bridge. The modular nature of the design makes them also suitable for temporary installations, as they can be simply unbolted to be removed.

Truss Bridge Design - FRP rail foot bridge
25.5m clear span truss bridge
Temporary rail bridge

The team at Composite Engineering are proud of this first of its kind temporary rail overpass erected over train tracks which will maintain cross-corridor access for the community during the construction of the upgraded station.

FRP Bridge

All MaxiGRATE and MaxiSTRUCT products all feature:

UV stability
Non-Conductive to heat and electricity
Fire resistance
Low maintenance
Corrosion resistance
Chemical resistance
Easy to fabricate and install

MaxiGRATE is also available in a range of non-slip finishes to suit a wide range of applications.

Contact us for more information on any of our products and a friendly member of our team will advise the best solution for your project.