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Case Study: Torquay P-6 College upgrade project

Torquay - FRP Walkway

Composite Engineering supplied our MaxiGRATE FRP Micromesh grating  and MaxiSTRUCT FRP structural profiles as part of a recent upgrade project to Torquay P-6 College.

Torquay P-6 College has 1050 students and its facilities include an Environment Centre, café, edible garden and chicken house. As part of a planned upgrade to modernise the facilities at Torquay P-6 College three FRP walkways were installed.

FRP Walkway

The FRP products were selected by the designing architects, Sibling Architecture. Working in conjunction with Composite Engineering 22mm micromesh was selected for the decking choice.  The micromesh grating was finished off with a fine grit texture to provide a safe and non-slip surface,

The substructure of the walkways was also constructed from CE Structural composite profiles.

FRP Walkway

The frame exterior and cross supports were constructed using composite FRP C channels. Square post sections for the joists, equal angle profile for supporting feet and FRP square profiles for the kick boards. The installation was completed by Orion Builders.

The FRP properties, being noncorrosive, maintenance free, light weight and long lasting are just as few of the advantages over traditional decking materials that the decision was made to go with a fully composite solution.

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Torquay Upgrade