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    Are your handrails the safest choice?

    Are your handrails the safest choice? Like most people you maybe do not give the handrails in your workplace much thought. After all they are performing a basic function, but the function is keeping your employees safe. FRP Handrails are the safer choice for your workplace. While they perform in the same way as metal handrails, they deliver a range of significant benefits. Read on to find out how FRP handrails could benefit you. Resistant to Corrosion The structural integrity of metal handrails can be compromised by rust or corrosion which makes them dangerous. The corrosion can be hard to detect until it is too late, and the handrail fails,…

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    Aged Care Facility Walkway & Handrail

    Aged Care Facility Walkway & Handrail The recently installed Aged Care Facility Walkway & Handrail utilises many of the different Maxi range of products from Composite Engineering. The main walking surface uses 38mm MaxiGRATE micro mesh with a fine grit finish. This provides a safe non slip, yet comfortable surface to walk on.  The micro mesh grating is supported with a MaxiSTRUCT substructure. Being FRP this structure will not rot or corrode. Resulting in a strong and maintenance free structure, that will last for many years. A MaxiRAIL FRP handrail system is also fitted to the walkway for additional support. The handrail system was supplied pre-cut and partially assembled for…

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    FRP Handrails

    Industrial Handrail Systems

    Industrial Handrail Systems Industrial handrail systems are a key safety feature in many workplaces. Fall related accidents can be very serious and even result in fatalities.  Selecting the best and most appropriate handrail system can mitigate these risks and prevent workplace accidents. The MaxiRAIL range of industrial handrail systems offers a range of solutions for a wide variety of industries including waste water and chemical plants. MaxiRAIL is also suited to commercial and architectural applications where exposure to the elements is a factor, MaxiRAIL FRP handrails are used for stair, platform, and walkway handrails. These are built using our MaxiSTRUCT pultruded FRP profiles. MaxiRAIL is well suited to corrosive environments…