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    Composite Platform Ladder

    Composite Platform Ladder Each MaxiLADDER platform ladder is meticulously designed and  constructed using MaxiSTRUCT FRP profiles with MaxiGRATE stair treads and platform. Each ladder is designed to conform to AS1657-2018 and AS/NZS 1892.1:1996. The main features include: Super strong design utilising MaxiSTRUCT structural profiles. Suited for high frequency use. MaxiGRATE treads and platform provide comfort and safety when used. Kickplate on 3 sides. Strong reinforced handrails. Safety boom on platform. Cross bracing to ensure stability. Chemical and corrosion resistant. Non-conductive Mobile on 2 rear mounted wheels. Fold away lifting handles.   The platform ladder design shown features: Platform height: 3000mm Platform Area: 900mm x 900mm Each of our platforms are…

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    FRP Ladders

    FRP Ladders – A lightweight and Strong Alternative

    FRP Ladders – A lightweight and Strong Alternative Composite Engineering’s MaxiLADDER FRP ladders offer strong yet lightweight ladder and platform assemblies. At the core of our MaxiLADDER system is the MaxiSTRUCT FRP profile technology with excellent resistance to even the harshest of environments. Coupled with excellent UV and fire resistance, create long lasting and hard-wearing products. Fabricated from all Vinyl Ester materials, MaxiLADDER FRP ladders provide a safe and long-lasting solution to height access issues in areas susceptible to corrosion, electrical conductivity, and slippery surfaces. They are also suitable for marine environments and can be installed in submerged/semi-submerged positions. Ensuring that the ladders meet the relevant standards is an important…

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    Advantages of MaxiLADDER FRP Ladders

    Advantages of MaxiLADDER FRP Ladders MaxiLADDER FRP Ladders (Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer) have several advantages over traditional metal ladders, including: Lightweight: FRP ladders are much lighter than metal ladders, making them easier to handle and transport. Being lightweight MaxiLADDERs are also easy to install. Corrosion resistant: FRP ladders are not prone to corrosion and rust, making them ideal for use in harsh or wet environments. Chemical resistant: All MaxiLADDER products are constructed from top-quality vinyl ester materials for excellent chemical resistance. Non-conductive: FRP ladders are non-conductive, making them safe to use around electrical equipment or in electrical environments. Durable: FRP ladders are made from tough, reinforced materials, which makes them highly…

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    FRP Ladders

    Platform Ladders

    FRP Platform Ladders A new trio of FRP Platform ladders ready to be delivered. Each ladder features MaxiLADDER system with MaxiGRATE stair treads and platform. Each platform ladder also features side opening gates. As pictured below. Each ladder is designed to meet the customers individual specific needs and will deliver the maximum design life with virtually zero maintenance.  All of our MaxiLADDER systems offer outstanding resistance to chemicals and corrosion making them suitable for even the harshest environments. The main features of the platform ladders are: Strong reinforced handrails. Constructed from super strong MaxiSTRUCT structural profiles. Suitable for high volume use. Non-conductive to heat and electricity Kickplate on 3 sides. Non-slip MaxiGRATE…

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    Tank Access Ladders

    Tank Access Ladders Composite Engineering has recently supplied MaxiLADDER tank access ladders for water storage tanks. One of the key aspects of the ladders is that they provide safe ingress and egress to the water tanks. The addition of reflectors to the rungs further adds to the safety. Making the rungs easily locatable even under water. A challenge of tank access ladders is that they are more or less continually submerged in water. Therefore material selection is critical to producing a final product that performs safely, requires minimum maintenance and has a long service life. The MaxiLADDER FRP ladder system is ideal for these type of applications. Constructed used our…

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    5 Benefits of Fibreglass Ladders

    5 Benefits of Fibreglass Ladders Ladders have traditionally been made from timber and more recently aluminium has become the norm. However, fibreglass ladders offer many benefits over aluminium ladders and deserve to be a serious consideration to many industries. Corrosion resistant – Fibreglass reinforced polymer (FRP) is highly resistant to corrosion from a large variety of chemicals which can corrode aluminium. For example, strong alkaline solutions, inorganic acids, and heavy metal salts can be very corrosive to aluminium. FRP has excellent corrosion to resistance to acidic and alkaline environments. FRP is also unaffected by exposure to water, even in marine environments. This makes fibreglass ladders suitable for many industrial applications.…