Solar Battery Cabinet

FRP Solar Battery Storage Cabinet

FRP Solar Battery Storage Cabinet A solar battery storage cabinet fabricated from MaxiSTRUCT FRP structural profiles and MaxiGRATE pultruded flat plate with a mini mesh base. The doors are reinforced with MaxiSTRUCT SHS and kept […]

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What is FRP

What is FRP?

What is FRP? So what is FRP? It is a term that is increasingly used on tenders and specifications, but what actually is FRP. FRP stands for Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer (some people also use Plastic). […]

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Resin systems

Which resin systems for FRP products?

Which Resin System for FRP Products? Different resin systems dictate just how well your fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) products last and perform. There are 3 main resin type commonly used for FRP products. But wait, […]

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Tank Access Ladder

Tank Access Ladders

Tank Access Ladders Composite Engineering has recently supplied MaxiLADDER tank access ladders for water storage tanks. One of the key aspects of the ladders is that they provide safe ingress and egress to the water […]

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installation of infrastructure

Fast installation of infrastructure

Fast installation of infrastructure There is one thing pretty much we all agree on and that’s we hate disruption and delays. The installation of infrastructure can cause a lot of disruption and delays. Which can […]

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Marine Structures

FRP for Marine Structures and Components

FRP for Marine Structures and Components Fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) products are increasing in popularity for marine structures and components. The corrosion resistance and lightweight properties make them ideal for on and offshore facilities and […]

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Corrosion – An Expensive Enemy

Corrosion – An Expensive Enemy Is corrosion eating away at your bottom line? Looking after plant, walkways, platforms etc. can be an expensive business.   Many traditional materials used for these and similar applications need to […]

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