Showcase of Composite Engineering FRP Installations and Case Studies. Strong, Lightweight, easy to assemble and suitable for the harshed environments.

  • Holmesglen FRP Flat Plate

    MaxiGRATE Case Study – FRP Flat Panels

    Case Study – FRP Flat Panels Taking a look back at some MaxiGRATE FRP Flat panels that were installed at a substation at Holmesglen in East Malvern. Delivering a clean and long lasting aesthetic. One of the ultimate considerations to installing the FRP panels was their non-conductive properties. It goes without saying that safety is paramount for all companies and protecting employees and contractors from potentially lethal hazards is a must. The MaxiGRATE panels prevent personnel from making contact with electrically conductive surfaces under a high voltage electrical fault condition. The non-conductive (dielectric) properties of MaxiGRATE make it the ideal choice for switch room, control rooms etc. The FRP flat…

  • Mount Hesse

    Mount Hesse Installation – Revisited

    Mount Hesse Installation – Revisited Taking a look back at the  completed a project at Mount Hesse Merino Station located in south eastern Australia with excellent results. Working closely with their team to refurbish a woolshed using MaxiGRATE FRP Minimesh grating. The grating was carefully engineered to allow debris to fall through but not allow the feet of the sheep to get stuck. A fine grit surface was also added to ensure that the sheep could walk without hurting their feet, while maintaining a non-slip rated surface for the safety of operators within the shed. The installation was both quick and seamless. The MaxiGRATE FRP grating panels were manufactured in…

  • FRP Bridge

    Case Study – Temporary FRP Rail Foot Bridge

    Case Study – Temporary FRP Rail Foot Bridge As part of a $59 million station accessibility upgrade at Bundamba train station, a temporary FRP rail foot bridge was commissioned. The major upgrade will deliver an accessibility improved train station for customers by late 2024, making catching a train easier for everybody, but especially those using wheelchairs, pushing prams or carrying heavy luggage. The temporary footbridge keeps the community connected as the upgrades required the subway to close. Bundamba’s temporary bridge is made using innovative Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) technology. The main structure of the bridge utilises our MaxiSTRUCT pultruded beams. The walking surface of the bridge uses the MaxiGRATE FRP…

  • Access Stairs

    FRP Access Stairs

    FRP Access Stairs FRP Access Stairs from design to completed product.  The stairs were designed to allow safe access for workers and utilised MaxiSTRUCT FRP profiles for the substructure. The stair treads and platform features MaxiGRATE 38mm standard mesh.  The stair system is finished off with the MaxiRAIL FRP handrail system including a self closing safety gate. The stair treads and platform have a P5 slip rating for safe access in any conditions. The stair set is resistant to chemicals and corrosion, requiring virtually no maintenance. All of the materials are UV resistant and will not structurally deteriorate over time.  The materials carry a flame-spread index (rating) of 25 or…

  • FRP Platform and Handrail

    FRP Platform and Handrail

    FRP Platform and Handrail This recently completed FRP platform and handrail features MaxiSTRUCT C channel and equal angle, resulting in a super strong and stable frame.  The surface and stair treads are non slip MaxiGRATE standard mesh grating. Finished off with a MaxiRAIL FRP handrail and kickplate. The platform was fully assembled in the Composite Engineering factory to ensure fitment of the parts. The structure was then split into modules for easy transportation and onsite installation. All of the hardware used was 316 stainless steel for excellent resistance to corrosion and pitting.  All of the products used carry a flame-spread index (rating) of 25 or less when tested in accordance…

  • Tank Access Platforms - Marine Environments

    Tank Access Platforms

    Tank Access Platforms The recently completed tank access platforms for Deakin University combines a MaxiSTRUCT substructure, with non slip MaxiGRATE mini mesh grating and finished with our MaxiRAIL handrail system. All to provide safe and easy access to the tanks. The platforms were pre-fabricated in our Melbourne factory and shipped to site for installation.  Each of the platforms were pre-cut to match the curve of the tank.  Being lightweight and easily transported, the platforms were quickly and easily installed. The platforms are installed at the Deakin Queenscliff Marine Science Centre, a global leader in aquaculture research and innovation. The Maxi range of products are ideally suited for use in aquaculture…

  • Ages Care Facility Walkway
    FRP Grating,  FRP Handrails,  Installations

    Aged Care Facility Walkway & Handrail

    Aged Care Facility Walkway & Handrail The recently installed Aged Care Facility Walkway & Handrail utilises many of the different Maxi range of products from Composite Engineering. The main walking surface uses 38mm MaxiGRATE micro mesh with a fine grit finish. This provides a safe non slip, yet comfortable surface to walk on.  The micro mesh grating is supported with a MaxiSTRUCT substructure. Being FRP this structure will not rot or corrode. Resulting in a strong and maintenance free structure, that will last for many years. A MaxiRAIL FRP handrail system is also fitted to the walkway for additional support. The handrail system was supplied pre-cut and partially assembled for…

  • Stump Hill Farm
    FRP Grating,  Installations

    Stump Hill Farm Shearing Shed Refit

    Stump Hill Farm Shearing Shed Refit This is the recently completed shearing shed refit at Stump Hill Farm, located in the stunning Victorian high country. Stump Hill is a working farm running sheep, cattle, deer, and cropping. The existing wooden floor was replaced with MaxiGRATE FRP grating. Product: 25mm MaxiGRATE FRP Open Grating Description: 25mm FRP open grating , with 26mm x 26mm/52mm x 52mm mesh pattern Resin type: Isophthalic (Polyester) resin with UV and Fire retardant additives Colour: Dark Grey Surface:  Fine Grit Std Panel Size: 3593mm x 1203mm Weight: 13.1kg/m2 (56.6kg per full panel) Open Area: 68% The mesh is designed to allow debris to fall through, while…

  • FRP stairs and walkway

    FRP Stairs and Walkway for Puffing Billy

    Puffing Billy Stairs and Walkway We recently completed an installation of FRP stairs and walkway at Puffy Billy located in Emerald, Vic. The installation was carried out with Ace Contractors and Animal Carpentry.  Puffing Billy is a steam railway located in the heart of the Dandenong Ranges, one hour east of Melbourne. Originally build in 1900 to serve local people living in the ranges. It is now a major tourist attraction, open everyday except Christmas Day. As part of an upgrade project to improve the walking track, FRP stairs and walkway were installed. The substructure for the stairs and walkway were constructed from MaxiSTRUCT profiles. The walking surface utilised MaxiGRATE…