Corrosion - An Expensive Enemy

Is corrosion eating away at your bottom line? Looking after plant, walkways, platforms etc. can be an expensive business.  

Many traditional materials used for these and similar applications need to be maintained to either stop or reduce the rate of corrosion. 

It is not just a financial cost, corrosion can cause a range of potential safety hazards for your employees that could be been prevented. 

Corrosion - Rusty corroded floor
corrosion resistant FRP struture

It’s time to consider switching to fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) products.

FRP products offer a versatile range of solutions to replace traditional materials such as steel, aluminium and even timber. 

From bridges to walkways, these structures can be engineered from FRP structural profiles and grating.

FRP products are resistant to corrosion caused by exposure to water and many chemicals. More information on chemical resistance can be found here. Resins & Chemical Resistance Brochure

They are also suitable for immersion in water, even the harsh marine environment. An example of this is MaxiGRATE FRP grating being used to raise a swimming pool floor. Click here to read more

Broadmeadows MaxiSWIM
FRP Handrails - Industrial handrail systems

Choosing FRP for your next project not only delivers on excellent corrosion resistance. Maintenance costs are also greatly reduced as they are virtually maintenance free. 

The lightweight nature of the FRP products mean the speed of installation is increased and thus reduces installation time and ultimately saves money.  

No special tools are required to fabricate the products and no welding is required. Removing the need for hot works permits.

FRP products are suitable for many industrial and infrastructure applications including:

  • Walkways
  • Roof & tank access
  • Access ladders & platforms
  • Jetties & Pontoons
  • Handrail systems
  • Flooring
  • Plus many more.
FRP Access Ladder
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Contact us today to see how FRP products could be used to improve your next project. Our team will be happy to discuss and advise the best and most cost effective solution.