Cuyuac Shearing Shed Grating

Composite Engineering recently supplied Cuyuac Shearing Shed, Nareen, VIC with our MaxiGRATE Shearing Shed grating.

MaxiGRATE shearing shed grating features an optimised hole size to allow debris to fall through while maintaining a walking surface that is comfortable for both animals and people to walk on.

The grating is capped with a non slip finish for safety. The grating is also easily cleaned and requires virtually no maintenance.

The large panel size allows for fast installation. In many cases they can be installed on the existing bearers depending on the span.

Shearing Shed Grating
Sheep shed flooring
shearing shed
Cuyuac shearing shed

Technical Details:

Product: 25mm MaxiGRATE FRP Grating

Description: 25mm FRP open grating , with 26mm x 26mm/52mm x 52mm mesh pattern.

Resin type: Isophthalic (Polyester) resin with UV and Fire retardant additives.

Colour: Dark Grey/Black

Surface Options: Fine Grit

Std Panel Size: 3593mm x 1203mm

Weight: 13.1kg/m2 (56.6kg per full panel)

Open Area: 68%

For more information on shearing shed grating, or any of our other FRP products please get in touch and a friendly member of our team will be happy to help.