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FRP Design & Installation installation of infrastructure

Composite Engineering has designed and fabricated structures including bridges, boardwalks and industrial walkways, framing systems, false floors, ladders and hand rails for customers Australia wide.

With our in-house CAD and drafting capabilities utilising the latest 3D modelling software available, we control all facets of your project – from initial concept to final delivery. Our structures are engineered to conform to all relevant Australian Standards, with particular attention paid to ease of final assembly on site. Our FEA and physical load testing capabilities allow us to provide the right solution for you, without over-engineering your project, saving you money.


We ask more questions during the design stage to ensure you get the best possible solution for a well thought-out and clever design, that not only assembles easily once on site but is also built with modular design principals to ensure minimised cost through partial disassembly for economical transportation.

FRP Design
FRP Fabrication

If a structure can be built from steel or other traditional materials, chances are we can design, fabricate and install an FRP version.

Which will bring all the benefits of FRP structures:

  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Chemical and corrosion resistant.
  •  Virtually maintenance free.

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