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Eight reasons to install FRP grating

FRP Grating

Why FRP grating? We all get stuck in our ways and when we must replace something as mundane as our grating, the natural choice is to replace it with the same material as previously used. After all, it worked for X amount of years, so why change it.

Well STOP and ask yourself the question “What if there is a better alternative out there?”

The answer is yes, Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) grating is a fantastic alternative to traditional metals like steel grating.

FRP material is strong and flexible, light weight, highly resistant to corrosion and impact, non-conducive, transparent to RF and non-magnetic making it a great choice when choosing your new or replacement grating.

Reason 1: Ease of design and fabrication

The composite material offers a vast array of flexibility in terms of design. The grating can be easy fabricated on site using simple tools with carbon or diamond tipped blades.  Unlike steel which requires torches or welding. Being lightweight it is easy to assemble and handle on site.

Reason 2: Reduced life cycle cost

While FRP grating has a higher initial material cost compared to steel, the overall life cycle cost is incomparable. FRP offers lower installation and maintenance cost over steel, aluminium and wood.

In order to prolong the life of steel grating, regular maintenance must be carried out.  This maintenance cost you both time and money and can be avoided with the use of FRP grating.

Reason 3: Long lasting in harsh environments

FRP grating is unaffected by moisture in the air or by immersion in water, making it ideal for wet environments. The grating is resistant to a large range of chemicals, which makes it ideal for use in many industries, where steel and aluminium grating would be prone to oxidation or corrosion. Steel and aluminium grating require painting or galvanising for many applications.

FRP accessibility ramp
FRP Flooring

Reason 4: Excellent resistance to thermal and electrical conductivity

FRP grating is a good insulator with low thermal conductivity. Traditional materials like steel and aluminium both conduct heat, making them less than ideal for hot, humid conditions.

Our grating is non-conductive and has a high dielectric capability while metals like steel and aluminium conduct electricity and must be grounded.

Making it suitable for flammable and hazardous environments.

Reason 5: Impact resistance

FRP grating will not permanently deform or break when subjected to impact unlike steel or aluminium grating. The structure of the FRP grating distributes the load to prevent surface damage.  Impact resistance of maintained even at very low temperatures.

Reason 6: Non-slip surface

Due to corrosion or other environmental factors metal can become slippery over time, making this a hazard to your employees. Our grating can be engineered with different non-slip finishes to suit your needs.

Reason 7: Superior strength to weight ratio

FRP grating is less than half the weight of steel grating and has comparable strength to steel and aluminium.

This makes the material much easier to lift for installation or repairs, leading to lower maintenance and installation costs.

Reason 8: Colour

As the colour is part of the moulded grating you can expect it to last far longer than the colour on traditional materials. Which are usually done using stains, paints or coatings, all of which require reapplication.


Reduced life cycle costs, suitability for harsh environments, safe non-slip surface, make FRP grating is the obvious choice over steel or aluminium grating.

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