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Featured Product - MaxiGRATE FRP Minimesh

MaxiGRATE FRP Minimesh from Composite Engineering offers a long lasting, versatile, low maintenance and cost-effective alternative to traditional grating materials like steel and aluminium.

MaxiGRATE minimesh grating is available in a range of finishes to provide safe and non-slip surfaces. We can select the most appropriate finish to suit your project.

Composite Engineering’s minimesh grating carry a flame-spread index (rating) of 25 or less when tested in accordance with the ASTM E-84 standard, while also meeting the ASTM D-635 extinguishing requirements.

Being chemical and corrosion resistant MaxiGRATE makes an excellent choice for harsh environments such as chemical plants, marine environments and more.

MaxiGRATE is available in any RAL colour. The full RAL colour range can be viewed here.

The completed assemblies require extraordinarily little maintenance when installed. Unlike traditional material like steel and wood that need to be coated or painted to ensure that they last.

FRP Minimesh
FRP Minimesh

Minimesh grating has a 13mm aperture (42% open), making it comfortable to walk on, allow good drainage but prevent items from falling through.

It is typically available in a range of thicknesses from 22mm, 30mm and 38mm.

The standard sheet size is 1247mm x 3687mm.

Available in Isophthalic (Polyester) resin with UV and Fire retardant additives. Where a higher chemical resistance is required they are also available in vinyl ester resin.

An ‘M’ clip is available for securely hold down the grating.

Maxigrate Minimesh


• Jetties/Docks
• Walkways
• Swimming Pools
• Marinas
• Platforms
• Access Ramps
• Industrial/Chemical Flooring
• Woolshed/Farming
• Plus many more

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  • Safe Non-slip Surface finish
  • UV stable
  • Fire resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Easy to fabricate

You can download a copy of our MaxiGRATE brochure here: