Featured Product - MaxiGRATE Micro mesh

FRP Micro Mesh

MaxiGRATE Micro mesh – Black with fine grit finish

MaxiGRATE Micro Mesh grating is lightweight, versatile, and used in a large variety of applications and industries where durability and corrosion resistance is key. The small 8mm aperture allows drainage, but stops small objects falling through and is also high heel friendly.

Safety is always paramount and MaxiGRATE’s anti-slip surface will keep people walking safely even in wet conditions. MaxiGRATE grating is ideally suited to marina applications and walkways near or over water as they will not rust or corrode.

Available in a range thicknesses and colours make MaxiGRATE FRP grating a cost effective alternative to steel grating and other traditional flooring materials.

MaxiGRATE Micro Mesh Features: 

  • FRP open grating , with 13mm x 13mm/40mm x 40mm mesh pattern.
  • Isophthalic (Polyester) resin with UV and Fire retardant additives (Vinyl Ester also available).
  • Available in any RAL colour.
  • Concave (no grit), Extra Fine Grit, Fine Grit and Standard Grit (Custom surfaces available).
  • Std panel size 1247mm x 3687mm
  • Open area 30% (8mm x 8mm aperture). 
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MaxiGRATE Micro mesh

The small mesh pattern is ideal for jetties, walkways, around swimming pools and waterparks. The standard surface is even friendly for bare feet to walk on. Pick MaxiGRATE for your next project for an aesthetically appealing, hardwearing, easy to install, non-slip, resistant to fire and corrosion.

Ancillary Hardware

MaxiGRATE hardware

We stock a range of clips and fastenings to suit the MaxiGRATE product range. All of the hardware is made from 316 stainless steel, to ensure that your installation not only looks good, but performs well for my years.

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 MaxiGRATE FRP walkways offer a huge range of applications from single safety steps to world-first footbridge installations.