MaxiSTRUCT FRP Profiles

Featured Product - MaxiSTRUCT FRP SHS Profiles

MaxiSTRUCT FRP SHS profiles come in a range of sizes and can be used in a wide variety of structural applications. They are often referred to as square section or box section. 

MaxiSTRUCT utilises vinyl ester resin for superior chemical and corrosion resistance. Ensuring that the products are able to deliver outstand performance even in the harshest of conditions. 

The sections are lightweight and easy to fabricate. This makes installation quick and easy. 


(FRP SHS Handrail)

Typical Stock Sizes (Supplied in 5.8m lengths)

25mm x 25mm x 3.2mm
32mm x 32mm x 6.4mm
38mm x 38mm x 6.4mm
44mm x 44mm x 3.2mm
44mm x 44mm x 6.4mm
50.8mm x 50.8mm x 3.2mm
50.8mm x 50.8mm x 6.4mm
64mm x 64mm x 6.4mm
76mm x 76mm x 6.4mm
100mm x 100mm x 5.5mm
125mm x 125mm x 6.4mm

Other sizes available on request

All of our range including the MaxiSTRUCT products are:

UV stable
Fire resistant
Low maintenance
Corrosion resistant
Chemical resistant
Easy to fabricate

FRP SHS makes an ideal alternative to traditional steel SHS. It will outlast steel and requires virtually no maintenance. It is ideally suited to wet environments even marine as it does not rot or corrode,

Square Profile support leg
MaxiSTRUCT FRP Profiles

For more information on MaxiSTRUCT profiles please download a copy of our brochure below.