Four reasons to pick FRP over Steel Grating

Steel grating maybe your go to product as you have used it for years and you are familiar with it. WAIT!!! There is an alternative that can deliver a range of benefits. What is this alternative? FRP grating could well be the solution.

1. The safety of your employees and visitors is paramount to any operation. Due to environmental factors and corrosion, steel grating can become slippery, creating a hazard. FRP grating does not have this issue and is available in a range of non-slip finishes to suit any installation. Giving it superior slip resistance over steel grating.

Fibreglass reinforced plastic grating FRP graitng
FRP fabrication

2. Corrosion is more than likely the reason you need to replace your steel grating. Which raises the question, why would you replace an already corroded material with the same material that is going to corrode again? This is where FRP grating comes into its own. FRP products have excellent corrosion and chemical resistance with a lifespan that will far exceed that of steel.

3. Installation is another critical factor to be considered when selecting your grating material. Steel is significantly heavier than FRP grating, making it more difficult to manoeuvre and install. Unlike steel, FRP is lightweight and requires no hot works to install. Therefore, no special permits are required.

4. Maintenance costs time and money, some of which can be eliminated by selecting FRP grating. Steel needs to be maintained to keep it in a serviceable condition. This uses up resources and costs money. FRP grating is virtually maintenance free and does not require coating or painting.

FRP grating is a clear choice for grating and outperforms its steel equivalent. The long lifespan, low maintenance requirements and non-slip surface will continue to deliver you cost savings year after year.

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  • Safe Non-slip Surface finish
  • UV stable
  • Fire resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Easy to fabricate

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