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FRP for Marine Environments

With so many different materials available, what make FRP the best choice for marine environments?

Marine environments can be extremely harsh and can very quickly degrade construction materials. Meaning they need costly maintenance or replacement.

FRP products offer near unrivaled resistance to corrosion and are also suitable for immersion in water (yes, even salt water).

Here are some possible applications for FRP products in marine environments.

Cowes Jetty a versatile solution FRP grating
Tank Access Platforms - Marine Environments
fishery platforms


Various FRP products lend themselves perfectly for use in jetties and boardwalks. FRP grating provides a safe non-slip surface. The large sheet size means they can be installed quickly. Substructures and handrails can be constructed from FRP profiles. The lightweight nature of the profiles mean they can be installed quickly and easily. 

FRP Jetties and boardwalks - Marine Environments

Access Stairs and Ramps

FRP stair treads offer the same non slip surface as the grating providing safe access even when wet. The applies to access ramps.

As with boardwalks FRP profiles can be utilised for the substructures. Delivering a long lasting and virtually maintenance free installation.

FRP stairs


FRP ladders can be used for a number of applications and are suitable for immersion in water, as they will not rot or corrode like some traditional construction materials.

The ladders can be engineered to conform with Australian Standard AS1657-2018.


FRP for marine environments


FRP also makes an excellent alternative to traditional building materials for constructing pontoons. They are lightweight, strong, UV resistant and easy to build.

Maintenance costs are also minimised due to the high durability of the FRP.

Marine structures

As you can see FRP products offer a variety of solutions for the challenging marine environment. We have only touched on some of the applications that are possible with FRP. Basically if it can be built from traditional materials, it is very likely an equivalent can be built from FRP,

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