FRP for Marine Structures and Components

Fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) products are increasing in popularity for marine structures and components. The corrosion resistance and lightweight properties make them ideal for on and offshore facilities and structures.

The flexibility of design lends itself to many different structures and applications from floating pontoons and jetties to foreshore walkways and stairs.

Marine structures

Floating pontoons are usually made from steel and concrete, with the buoyancy provided by floats. This can be expensive to overcome the high weight of the structures. With FRP being significantly lighter than steel and concrete the engineering burden is reduced and the cost to design and install is also reduced.

FRP Marine Structures

MaxiSTRUCT FRP structural profiles are used for the substructures of the floating pontoons. Finished with MaxiGRATE non-slip FRP grating.

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Jetties are another application where FRP products are the ideal product choice. Jetties are exposed to harsh environmental conditions, UV and corrosive salt spray. As fibreglass reinforced plastic is resistant to all of these conditions, they represent an alternative to steel and timber.

FRP Grating Jetty

With various surface finishes available for FRP grating, the most appropriate one be selected to produce a safe and non-slip surface. 

Custom grit levels are also available, contact us for more information.

The fasteners are all 316 Stainless steel for long lasting and virtually maintenance free final assembly.


FRP grating is also well suited for use in foreshore boardwalks. As with jetties, boardwalks are exposed to the elements and harsh marine conditions and with the FRP products being resistant they make them the ideal product to use.

FRP Products

The lightweight nature of the panels mean that big runs of the grating can be installed quickly and easily. Thus reducing the overall time to install compared to the equivalent timber or steel products.

Custom colours are also available so the grating can be matched to suit any environment.


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