FRP for the Rail Industry

FRP products

The use of FRP for the rail industry is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Replacing many traditional materials like timber and steel. Fibreglass reinforced polymer structures, bridges and products offer flexible design and ease of installation. 

Here are some of the possible applications.

Rail Bridges

FRP is an ideal material for bridge. The lightweight nature of the product allows for structures to be preassembled off site and easily moved to site. The pre-fab structures can then be easily and quickly installed with minimal disruption. 

With FRP coming in at up to 75% lighter than steel, the need for heavy duty lifting equipment is reduced.

The structures are designed to meet the flame spread burning characteristics of ASTM E84 and the self-extinguishing requirements of ASTM D-635.


FRP Structures

FRP structure can be used in waiting bays in rail service yards or other ancillary locations . Unlike steel structures, FRP does not conduct electricity reducing the risk to people around the tracks.

Flat panels can also be used to isolate substations, preventing personnel from coming into contact with conducting surfaces. The flat panels also deliver a clean and long lasting finish, 

FRP Flat plate
FRP for the rail industry

Track Access

The versatile nature of the profiles allows for even the most complex structures to be put together. Allowing track access stairs to be fitted to even difficult slopes.  As FRP is lightweight, sections of the stairs can be pre-assembled and quickly placed onsite. 

The stair treads are non-slip and deliver safe performance over many years. Unlike other surfaces that degrade and can become slippery. 

FRP access stairs
Lapstone Access Stairs

General Features of FRP for the Rail Industry

FRP for the rail industry

Corrosion resistant – Consistently out performs similar timber and steel products. 

FRP for rail

Lower Carbon footprint than many of the traditional materials making for a more sustainable product

FRP lighter than steel

Can weigh up to 75% less than steel. Making it easier and cheaper to install.

FRP maintenance free

Virtually zero maintenance and a 50 year plus design life.

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