Gold Coast Seaway Sand Pumping Jetty

Working with Alder Constructions, the project involved designing, fabricating and installing a 40m composite ramp structure at the  Gold Coast sand pumping jetty which forms part of the Gold Coast Seaway’s Sand Bypassing System.

The ramp is designed to be fully compliant with AS1428.1 Design for access and mobility. 

The ramp is 2.4m wide and features a composite balustrade and infill. All of the fasteners are 316 stainless steel. 

The structure itself utilizes MaxiSTRUCT FRP Profiles and 38mm MaxiGRATE minimesh FRP grating.

FRP Jetty
CE Truck loaded with FRP jetty

The parts for the ramp were pre-cut and drilled, then transported in kit form from the CE factory in Victoria up to the Gold Coast, Qld.

The sections of the ramp were assembled off site by MTC Coastal Constructions. Due to the lightweight nature of FRP structures moving the completed sections is relatively straightforward. The complete sections were lifted into place and the ramp assembled within 2 weeks.

Being resistant to corrosion MaxiSTRUCT and MaxiGRATE FRP products are ideal for installation in coastal locations. 

Section of FRP jetty
FRP Ramp
FRP Structural Ramp with handrail
FRP jetty ramp

Lightweight – Making installation easier and on many occasions faster. Specialist tools are also not required and can be fabricated using standard tools.

Low Maintenance – Unlike traditional materials that require repainting or coating, FRP products will be looking great year after year.

Low Lifecycle Cost – With easier installation, low maintenance and long service life the overall lifecycle cost is significantly lower than with similar steel or aluminium constructions.

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