Our handrails self-closing safety gates are individually designed to meet each for each application, yet still, adhere to the strict Australian Standards. These can be fabricated in a wide range of styles, from basic industrial arrangements to complex architectural and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Combining corrosion resistance, long life, and low-maintenance design, Composite Engineering’s Handrail Systems are superior to conventional steel and aluminium edge protection. These advanced systems are designed and manufactured to be easily installed with no guesswork involved. Components are lightweight and easy to fabricate with.  Savings on labour and equipment often make the total installed cost comparable to that of galvanized steel. Combining its low cost of installation with low-maintenance and long life, our handrails and ladders offer a life cycle cost that is significantly lower than that of its alternatives.

Our new modular Handrail System allows you to make further savings, by building your handrails yourself. Simply work out how many posts and rails you’ll need, then contact us to have the off-the-shelf parts ready for dispatch the next day, including instructions on how to assemble your kit.

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