How Long Does FRP Grating Last?

Just how long does FRP grating last is dependent on the environment conditions and the resin systems used. However, FRP grating will last and perform considerably better than the next best material.

Different resin systems deliver differing levels of performance.

Orthophthalic (Ortho) resins are a basic, general purpose and inexpensive resin. We generally do not recommend the use of ortho resins and in most applications go for the superior Isophthalic (Iso) resin.

Isophthalic (Iso) resin while slightly more expensive than ortho, has better corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. It is suitable for a majority of installations.

Vinyl Ester (VE) resins move up in the cost bracket above Iso, but offer excellent chemical and corrosion resistance. Recommended for use in the harshest environments such as chemical plants etc.

For more information on resins and chemical resistance check out our brochure here.

How long does FRP grating last - Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer grating
FRP grating

Whether your grating is ISO or VE, they both are exceptionally strong and resistant to damage. Unlike steel grating, FRP grating will not permanently deform after an impact.

FRP grating is also virtually maintenance free. Meaning that you have virtually zero spend on maintenance over the life time of the product.  

Traditional products like steel need to be maintained and will ultimately need to be replaced far sooner and an equivalent FRP product.

Even when exposed to the elements, FRP grating outperforms traditional materials and will not corrode or rust. A variety of surface finishes are available to ensure that the grating is safe to walk on and safety will not be an issue even in the wet.

In summary FRP grating will last many decades and will still be looking good long after its traditional equivalents have failed.

You can download a more detailed material comparison here:

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