How to Fasten FRP Grating?

FRP grating

One of the frequently asked questions is how to you fasten down FRP grating? Here are some of the different options available to get that grating safely secured. All of our clips are made from 316 stainless steel and available to suit different grating thicknesses.

Standard Mesh Grating - M Clips

M clips are used to secure the grating to a support/joist using two adjacent bars of the grating. They fasten the grating very securely due to the excellent holding capacity. These type of clips are recommended for most uses.

Std clip

Standard Mesh Grating - J Clamps

J clamps are used in conjunction with an M clip. Rather than screwing into the support, a J clamp secures to the underside of the supporting member.

J clamp fasten FRP grating
fasten FRP grating

Mini Mesh Grating - M Clips

Mini mesh version of the M clip, works the same way as for the standard mesh grating just sized to fit in the smaller opening of the grating.

fasten FRP grating
fasten FRP grating

Micro Mesh Grating - Dome Washers

The dome washers simply sit on top of the micro mesh grating and a secured with a screw. These can also be used on solid top grating.

Micro mesh dome washer
Micro mesh dome washer

Micro Mesh Grating - Countersunk Screw

Micro mesh grating can also be fastened down using a 12G countersunk screw which gives a clean finish with no protruding hardware. 

Micro mesh screws

We have covered some of the most common fixing solutions for FRP grating. There are other options available, such as C clips and L clips. If you don’t see a solution that works for your application, contact us and we will be happy to assist you. For more information on FRP grating, be sure to check out the MaxiGRATE page on in the products section of the website.