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Industrial Handrail Systems

Industrial Handrail Systems

Industrial handrail systems are a key safety feature in many workplaces. Fall related accidents can be very serious and even result in fatalities. 

Selecting the best and most appropriate handrail system can mitigate these risks and prevent workplace accidents.

The MaxiRAIL range of industrial handrail systems offers a range of solutions for a wide variety of industries including waste water and chemical plants. MaxiRAIL is also suited to commercial and architectural applications where exposure to the elements is a factor,

FRP Handrails - Industrial handrail systems
FRP Structural Ramp with handrail

MaxiRAIL FRP handrails are used for stair, platform, and walkway handrails. These are built using our MaxiSTRUCT pultruded FRP profiles.

MaxiRAIL is well suited to corrosive environments and is corrosion and chemical resistant. 

You can find the chemical resistance brochure here.

Installation of MaxiRAIL is simple and quick, the handrails can be shipped to site preassembled. The lightweight nature of the product means they are easily transported on site. Any fabrication work that is required can be done using standard tools.

The handrails deliver a cost-effective solution to many industries as they require virtually zero maintenance. The handrails are very durable and will outlast steel and aluminium versions.

Industrial handrail systems
FRP Bridge with FRP Handrails

The versatile MaxiRAIL range is not just for industrial uses, it is also well suited to being out in the wilds. All of the handrail systems are UV resistant. Meaning they will look and perform excellently for many years, even in the harshest of conditions.

Marine applications are another area where FRP handrails shine, being corrosion resistant to sea water and salt spray. An environment that is very damaging to the equivalent steel system.

These can be fabricated in a wide range of styles, from basic industrial arrangements to complex architectural designs.

MaxiRAIL is available in square or round configurations. Standard colours are yellow, light and dark grey. Custom colours from the RAL colour range are available.

Contact us today to discus your requirements and a member of our team will be happy to help.