Industrial Solutions

Our FRP grating, profiles and handrail systems are ideal for many industrial solutions including hazardous environments.

MaxiGRATE is suitable for walkways, platforms and ramp. Providing a safe and non-slip surface for employees to walk on. 

The MaxiRAIL system combining its low cost of installation with low-maintenance and long life, our FRP handrails and MaxiLADDER FRP ladders offer a life cycle cost that is significantly lower than that of its alternatives.

FRP Handrails - Industrial handrail systems
Fibreglass reinforced plastic grating FRP graitng
FRP Walkway
FRP Handrail System

Composite Engineering’s MaxiRAIL handrails self-closing safety gates are individually designed to meet each for each application, yet still, adhere to the strict Australian Standards. These can be fabricated in a wide range of styles, from basic industrial arrangements to complex architectural and aesthetically pleasing designs.

The Maxi range carry a flame-spread index (rating) of 25 or less when tested in accordance with the ASTM E-84 standard, while also meeting the ASTM D-635 extinguishing requirements.