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Case Study - Ashfield Aquatic Centre FRP Access Ladder

FRP Access Ladder

Working with SR Smith on the design and installation of a MaxiRAIL FRP access ladder in the pump/filter area of Ashfield Aquatic Centre located in Ashfield NSW. Opening on 17 October, this amazing facility will include five pools, a first class health and fitness centre, café, creche, spa, sauna plus an extensive range of free weights, machines and equipment.

A time lapse of the construction can be seen here.

Time lapse video

Installation in such environments can present issues with high levels of moisture and exposure to chemicals. All MaxiRAIL are chemical resistant and ideal for such applications. The high moisture content also does not present and issues for MaxiRAIL and it is suitable for submerged installation, even in marine environments.

Our retractable arms have been designed to maximise the use of composite materials. The arms are easy to extend and seamlessly lock into place. Once folded back down the extendable arms rest flush with the top edge of the ladder. The extendable arms allow for safe ingress/egress to the pump room. 

Being lightweight the MaxiRAIL ladder is quickly and easily installed. 

All MaxiRAIL ladders are designed to conform with the Australian Standard AS1657-2018. Ensuring that they not only have a long lifecycle but are safe.

FRP access ladder
FRP Access Ladder
FRP Ladders
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  • Safe non-conductive
  • UV stable
  • Fire resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Chemical resistant

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FRP Ladders