MudMaster Custom FRP Decking Plates

Composite Engineering supplied custom MaxiGRATE FRP decking to Phibion for use on their MudMaster machines.

Phibion Pty Ltd is an Australian based environmental technology company. That provides safe, innovative, and scalable dewatering technology for tailings management and land reclamation that delivers sustainable outcomes today and for future generations.

Working with existing tailings process to develop an Accelerated Mechanical Consolidation Process (AMC) that is both predictable and cost-effective.

MudMaster FRP Decking
MudMaster with MaxiGRATE FRP Decking

Phibion provides MudMasters tailored to particular tailings, alongside experienced supervision and the employment and training of local people to improve community engagement and support.

The MudMaster’s are exposed to harsh environments and conditions. They utilise MaxiGRATE solid FRP decking. The decking serves a dual purpose, firstly providing safe access to the MudMaster and secondly as mudguards for the machine.

The non-corrosive properties of MaxiGRATE make it an ideal product use on a MudMaster. The FRP decking was specified in 8mm thickness and finished with a heavy coarse grit. Making MaxiGRATE the most lightweight and long-lasting product for the job.

To aid in the assembly of the machines, the FRP decking was supplied in pre-cut panels to allow for quick installation.

MaxiGRATE FRP Grating
FRP Decking Plates

Benefits of MaxiGRATE FRP Decking and Grating

Safe Non-slip Surface finish – Can be customised to suit your specific requirements.

UV stable – Does not degrade, even in the harsh Australian sun.

Fire resistant – When tested in accordance with the ASTM E-84 standard, while also meeting the ASTM D-635 extinguishing requirements.

Low maintenance – Does not require any painting, coating.

Durable – Long lasting and hardwearing.

Lightweight – Light, easy to transport and install.

Corrosion resistant – Will not corrode, rust or rot.

Chemical resistant – Resistant to a wide range of chemicals. (link to chemical resistance brochure)

Easy to fabricate – Can be fabricated using standard tools.

Non-conductive – Does not conduct heat or electricity.

Impact resistant – Unlike some traditional materials it does not permanently deform after impact.

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