Pick the Right Type Of Grating Mesh For Your Project

Shearing shed flooring grating mesh

FRP Grating is a lightweight, flexible material used for applications such as civil engineering, manufacturing, and architectural projects. Knowing which type of grating mesh to use can be confusing, but this guide will help you in making the best choice for your project.

Identifying Your Project's Requirements

The first step to selecting the ideal grating mesh for your project is to identify its requirements. Consider the material, size, weight, and function that you need from the grating mesh. Take these requirements into account when deciding which type of grating mesh best suits your needs.

Standard Mesh

The standard mesh with a 31.8mm aperture is commonly used in industrial applications. With uses such as stair treads, gantries and platforms. The standard mesh is extremely durable, corrosion and chemical resistant. It is also resistant to slips, fire and UV.

FRP Standard mesh

Mini Mesh

With a 13mm aperture, this grating is ideal for platforms and walkways. The smaller hole size does not allow objects to fall through. It is also resistant to slips, fire and UV.

FRP Minimesh

Micro Mesh

Micro mesh grating is ideal for use in boardwalks and jetties. The 8mm aperture makes the micro mesh comfortable to walk on, even with bare feet. It is also resistant to slips, fire and UV.

Micro Mesh

Solid Top

If a solid surface is required then solid top grating is the way to go. It typically features a 3mm flat plate adhered to standard mesh grating. It is ideal for use a walkways, platforms etc. It can be finished with the same non-slip surface as regular grating. As with the other types of grating it is resistant to corrosion and fire. 

Covered Grating

Specialty Mesh

They is a myriad of grating options available including custom sizes. The diagram shows one of our specialty mesh options that was specifically designed for shearing shed and other agricultural uses. 

Contact us to discuss more specialty options. 

Shearing Shed Grating

Another consideration - Resin Types

Depending on the environment the grating is being installed in affects which resin system is used. Typically we recommend Isophthalic for a majority installations as it is corrosion resistant and extremely strong. Where exposure to chemicals is a consideration, then vinyl ester is usual the way to go as it has excellent chemical resistance. Vinyl ester is more expensive then Iso and is only required in certain applications.

For more information on resin types, you can check out our post on different resin types here:

Which Resin System for FRP Products?

FRP stairs and walkway

There are a great deal more grating options available. We have covered the common ones, that are applicable to most projects. 

One thing we have not mentioned in colour, typically we have grating available in light grey, dark grey, green and safety yellow. However the grating can be produced in any RAL colour (subject to an MOQ). You can find the RAL colours available here:

RAL Colours

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and a member of our team will be happy to advise you on the best grating options.