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FRP Platform Ladders

A new trio of FRP Platform ladders ready to be delivered. Each ladder features MaxiLADDER system with MaxiGRATE stair treads and platform.

Each platform ladder also features side opening gates. As pictured below.

FRP Ladder opening gate
FRP Platform Ladders
FRP Ladders with side opening gates
FRP L:adders

Each ladder is designed to meet the customers individual specific needs and will deliver the maximum design life with virtually zero maintenance. 

All of our MaxiLADDER systems offer outstanding resistance to chemicals and corrosion making them suitable for even the harshest environments.

The main features of the platform ladders are:

  • Strong reinforced handrails.
  • Constructed from super strong MaxiSTRUCT structural profiles.
  • Suitable for high volume use.
  • Non-conductive to heat and electricity
  • Kickplate on 3 sides.
  • Non-slip MaxiGRATE FRP stair treads and platform

We understand that all businesses are different and have different requirements. That is why we design each set of steps or ladders to meet your individual needs. This way ensures that you get a product that improves operational workflow, improves safety and delivers ongoing performance.

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