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    Cost savings of using FRP Materials

    Cost savings of using FRP Materials The use of FRP materials can deliver cost saving on your next project in a number of ways. Fibreglass reinforced polymer (FRP) is a cost effective, lightweight and durable alternative to traditional building materials such and steel and concrete. The many benefits of FRP materials include: Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance. Reduced lifecycle costs. Easy fabrication and installation. Reduced maintenance costs These benefits and more make FRP materials the ideal choice for bridges, walkways, platforms and gantries. Reduced Maintenance Costs FRP requires virtually no maintenance and is suitable for the use in harsh and corrosive environments. Traditional materials just would not last when exposed…

  • Stump Hill Farm
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    Stump Hill Farm Shearing Shed Refit

    Stump Hill Farm Shearing Shed Refit This is the recently completed shearing shed refit at Stump Hill Farm, located in the stunning Victorian high country. Stump Hill is a working farm running sheep, cattle, deer, and cropping. The existing wooden floor was replaced with MaxiGRATE FRP grating. Product: 25mm MaxiGRATE FRP Open Grating Description: 25mm FRP open grating , with 26mm x 26mm/52mm x 52mm mesh pattern Resin type: Isophthalic (Polyester) resin with UV and Fire retardant additives Colour: Dark Grey Surface:  Fine Grit Std Panel Size: 3593mm x 1203mm Weight: 13.1kg/m2 (56.6kg per full panel) Open Area: 68% The mesh is designed to allow debris to fall through, while…