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Tank Access Ladders

Composite Engineering has recently supplied MaxiLADDER tank access ladders for water storage tanks.

One of the key aspects of the ladders is that they provide safe ingress and egress to the water tanks. The addition of reflectors to the rungs further adds to the safety. Making the rungs easily locatable even under water.

FRP Ladder

A challenge of tank access ladders is that they are more or less continually submerged in water. Therefore material selection is critical to producing a final product that performs safely, requires minimum maintenance and has a long service life.

The MaxiLADDER FRP ladder system is ideal for these type of applications. Constructed used our MaxiSTRUCT FRP structural profiles. Making a strong, lightweight and chemical resistant ladder system.

tank access ladders

MaxiLADDER and MaxiSTRUCT both utilise our Vinyl Ester resin technology, to meet the most demanding chemical, flame retardant, electrical, strength and environmental standards. The ladders are suitable for total immersion in water, even in sea water, they will not corrode or distort. 

For more information on the resin systems and chemical resistance see our Resins and Chemical resistance brochure.

Our engineers will use the site measurements provided to design each ladder to our client’s individual needs. Each of the ladder systems is designed to conform with Australian Standard AS1657-2018. The ladders are all pre-assembled in our factory to exacting standards and quality checked before are despatched.

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  • Safe non-conductive
  • UV stable
  • Fire resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Chemical resistant

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