MTB Obstacles

100% FRP MTB obstacles. Designed, then cut, drilled and packaged in kit form. Then shipped and assembled on site.

MaxiGRATE Grating Clips

MaxiGRATE FRP Grating – Lightweight and versatile. Range of clips for easy installation.

MaxiGRATE showcase

MaxiGRATE FRP Grating, so many uses. Check out some examples.

Wallis Lake Fisherman's Co-Op Wharf Replacement

Looking back at Wallis Lake Fisherman’s Co-Op Wharf’s revitalisation of the existing timber wharf with MaxiGRATE FRP Mini Mesh Grating.

Gold Coast Sand Pump Jetty

Working with Alder Constructions, the project involved designing, fabricating and installing a 40m composite ramp structure at the Gold Coast sand pumping jetty which forms part of the Gold Coast Seaway’s Sand Bypassing System.

Case Study - Lower Murray Water Storage Tank

Composite Engineering was engaged by our client Freyssinet to make safe the access to a large storage tank for Lower Murray Water in Mildura.

The water storage tank is 52m in diameter and 9m tall. Over 250m of MaxiGRATE FRP grating was supplied to allow safe and non-slip access to the roof of the storage tank.

MaxiRAIL FRP Handrail System

The MaxiRAIL system is safe, lightweigh and virtually maintenance free.  It is suitable for installing in the harshest of conditions due to its resistance to chemicals and corrosion.

Composite Engineering: Yarra's Edge Boardwalk Upgrade

Composite Engineering and contractor Hoodlum Engineering supplied 500 sqm of FRP micromesh panels for the Yarra’s Edge boardwalk upgrade commissioned by the Melbourne City Council (MCC) after a two year successful trial period.

Queensland Rail Banyo Station Foot Bridge

Busy Banyo station had Queensland Rails highest number of illegal rail crossings (people crossing tracks to get to the other platform).

So building a high traffic foot bridge was a logical outcome. Composite Engineering provided a unique solution.

Birrarung Marr walkway

The Birrarung Marr walkway upgrade is complete. The old wooden boards have been removed and MaxiGRATE FRP micro mesh has been laid.

Composite Engineering FRP MaxiGRATE Projects

From concept design to fabrication and testing, our turnkey solutions take the stress out of FRP projects.

MaxiGRATE Derby Suspension Bridge, Tasmania

MaxiGRATE FRP Grating was chosen for the Derby suspension bridge walkway because of its high strength, light weight and long life properties.