Single safety steps to world-first footbridge installations... Composite Engineering has designed and fabricated these, and everything in between. Elevated walkway access to essential tank valves and switchgear, as well as bund access and pipe cross overs are common areas where composite walkway structures are used every day. Offering superior chemical and corrosion resistance even in the harshest environments, our walkway structures will outlast any steel, stainless steel or aluminium walkway.

Designing your project costs no more at Composite Engineering, and is the best way to ensure your new installation will fit perfectly first time, every time. Labour-saving light weight structures are simple to move into position, saving precious time and money on installation costs and production downtime. Finished with anti-slip walkway surfaces that meet and exceed Australia Standards, you can be assured that your new walkway structure will be a set-and-forget installation, with little to no maintenance required. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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