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Wallis Lake Fisherman's Co-Op Wharf FRP Mini Mesh Grating

Wallis Lake FRP Mini Mesh Grating

Looking back at Wallis Lake Fisherman’s Co-Op Wharf’s revitalisation of the existing timber wharf with MaxiGRATE FRP Mini Mesh Grating.

Back in October of 2018 Wallis Lake Fisherman’s Co-Op Wharf reopened after 18 months of closure to the public. Along with some new features including an accessibility ramp and fishing platform.

$595,000 was invested in Tuncurry to replace the existing wharf situated in front of the Wallis Lake Fishermen’s Co-Operative.

The existing timber decking was replaced with 38mm MaxiGRATE FRP Mini Mesh grating.

FRP Mini Mesh

Wooden decking being removed.

Mini Mesh Grating
FRP Grating being installed

FRP Mini Mesh decking being installed.

FRP Mini Mesh

The wharf is broken up into sections for recreational fishing, dining and unloading for commercial fishermen, with disabled access now available, thanks to the new ramp.

MaxiGRATE FRP Mini Mesh is ideally suited for use in marine walkways as it does not degrade or corrode in the salty marine environment. The grating is also suitable for complete or partial submersion in water. 

The grating is topped with a non-slip grit surface for people to walk safely on the grating, even in wet conditions.

FRP accessibility ramp

FRP Accessibility Ramp

Completed FRP Walkway
FRP Stairs
FRP grating

The grating is virtually maintenance free and does not require any painting or recoating. It is UV resistant and will stand up to the harshest of conditions. 

MaxiGRATE is also impact resistant and will not permanently deform if stuck by an object, unlike it equivalent in steel. Which when stuck can permanently deform and require remedial works to repair.

The FRP panels are also lightweight, easy to install, and can be field fabricated using standard tools.

Technical Information

FRP Minimesh

Product: 38mm MaxiGRATE FRP Minimesh Open Grating.

Description: 38mm FRP open grating, with 20×20/40×40 mesh pattern.

Resin type: Isophthalic (Polyester) resin with UV and Fire retardant additives.

Colour: Available in any RAL colour.

Surface Options: Concave (no grit), Extra Fine Grit, Fine Grit and Standard Grit.

Std Panel Size: 1247mm x 3687mm

Weight: 23.7kg/m2 (109kg per full panel)

Open Area: 42%


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