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Which Resin System for FRP Products?

Different resin systems dictate just how well your fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) products last and perform.

There are 3 main resin type commonly used for FRP products.

But wait, what actually are FRP products?

FRP products are a combination of glass fibre reinforcement and a resin matrix. The resin system holds everything together, and transfers mechanical loads through the fibres to the rest of the structure.

Regardless of which resin systems are used the products all have a similar appearance. However the performance of each type is very different.

FRP Platform and Handrail

The 3 main types of resin systems are:

Orthophthalic: It has the lowest cost and is still very widely used in the FRP industry. Although it performs satisfactorily it is not recommended for use in contact with chemicals.

Isophthalic: Slightly more expensive than ortho, it brings better resistance to corrosion and chemicals. The increased strength has led to extensive use in FRP grating.

Vinyl Ester: Again, a slightly higher cost, but higher strength, chemical and corrosion resistance than Iso. We recommend Vinyl Ester materials for any chemical processing areas, and for structures that require additional strength

For further information on resin types and chemical resistance please download our Resins & Chemical Resistance brochure.

Tank access - Resin systems

For most grating applications we recommend the isophthalic option as it delivers in terms of strength, long service life, flammability, corrosion and chemical resistance. For harsher conditions for  example chemical processing environments we  then recommend the vinyl ester option.

Structural profiles, ladders, handrail systems and structures we generally recommend using vinyl ester. 

As these are all structural products, you need the best possible performance and strength.

Contact our team today to discuss your next project or for more information on which is the best choice of resin systems.  We strive to specify the most appropriate products to deliver you value and performance.