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Why use FRP Products?

This is one question that we get asked fairly often as a lot of people are used to using traditional construction materials such as steel, aluminium, concrete and wood.  Fibreglass reinforced plastic or FRP offers some significant benefits over these traditional materials. 

Corrosion Resistant

Resistant to harsh corrosive environments. Suitable for immersion in fresh or salt water.

Easy to Install

Easy to fabricate on site using standard tools. No specialist equipment needed.

RF Transparent

Invisible to electromagnetic and radio transmissions.


High strength to weight ratio compared to traditional building materials.

Low Maintenance

Tough and durable requiring virtual no maintenance.


FRP structures are lightweight and easy to transport.

Non Conductive

FRP does not conduct electricity and makes a safe alternative to steel or aluminium.

Ease of Design

Suitable to replace traditional building materials in most applications.

For more information on how FRP could benefit your next project, get in touch with us today. Check out some of our installations Case Study: Torquay P-6 College upgrade project or Mount Hesse Installation.

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